E.F.C. Philosophy

Our on the field philosophy is captured in the word: technique. Technical expertise is the focus of everything we teach, at the center of every training session, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of technical expertise in the area. Once a player masters the ball -- and what he or she can do with it -- they begin to love the game. At Elite Football Club, we believe winning is the by-product of proper development. We don't believe winning alone will foster enjoyment of the game. We passionately believe in winning the "right way." The "right way" is expansive, skillful soccer with an emphasis on dynamic attacking principles combined with defensive discipline.


We take seriously the mandate and instructions from the United States Soccer Federation that young American soccer players need to be skillful, creative and imaginative on the ball. Our coaches were all skillful players in their own right and we encourage them to teach in that style. No player at Elite Football Club will ever be chastised for using skill in a game. We strongly believe at the youth level, emphasis has to be on taking risks -- even making mistakes -- therefore allowing players to play with complete freedom and expression. We defend these principles wholeheartedly, we welcome the responsibility of our mission, and we invite you to our training sessions to see how we implement them. We seek to promote a degree of excellence in our players' individual game that will in turn make their teams more successful. We instruct all our players that they have the opportunity to play high school, college, amateur, or professional soccer. With practice and a desire to perfect their game technically, there is no reason why any E.F.C. Player can't play at any level they desire.
Our off the field philosophy is captured in the word: communication. In every aspect of the administrative areas of Elite Football Club, we seek to work transparently and openly to provide parents and players with a sense of trust and cohesiveness. Keeping the parents informed of the most recent activities of the staff and coaches is paramount to the success of the players, teams, and ultimately the club. We encourage positive feedback and welcome open dialogues between all staff members and our soccer families.